N E W _ P H A R A O H  e-shop presents a selection of our own backpacks and bumbags as well as a carefully curated choice of products for your urban cycling lifestyle.

N E W _ P H A R A O H _ S T U D I O range is designed and founded by a bike messenger inspired to look good whilst working. It is a Paris based brand established in 2015.

The motivation for the products is the fusion of androgynous minimal chic combined with everyday use and practicality. The products are fluidly transferred into your daily habits to encourage an active lifestyle with geometric and urban inspired design, made from durable hard-wearing fabrics, founded in cycling and bike messenger culture.

The designs are developed and rigorously tested by cycle couriers in extreme weather and extended use, then delivered and packaged as the precious object that it is.

Our creation atelier is equipped with advanced industry standard testing machines. To ensure maximum quality and avoid potential risk, the raw materials are tested along with the finished products. The testing machines examine -


  • Material tension,
  • High and low temperature,
  • Salt-spray testing,
  • Fastness; impact oscillations of the finished product,
  • Suture strength,
  • Pull & Push Dynamometer,
  • Zipper Fatigue Testing,
  • Colour Controller,
  • Luggage Shock Testing,
  • Constant Temperature & Humidity Testing,
  • And a Fabric Inspection Machine